Window Sealant Types: Choosing the Best One

A sealant is a hanging solution used in building and construction works. That is a pasty and plastic mass based on various polymers. Being applied to any surface, the sealant little by little solidifies, building an airtight and dampness resistant layer. For the storefront doors and house windows or for the typical plastic windows, a white sealant is mostly used. It protects structures from atmospheric influences and temp differences, gives them an aesthetic appearance.

There are many varieties of sealants, so try to shape out which sealant is better for your PVC plastic windows. Below we will observe the key types of sealing compounds which can be used to seal plastic video poker machines. Particular attention will be paid to their glue and strength properties.


This is certainly an universal material, depending on the organosilicon solution. You can use it both indoors and outside the house. Its goals are firmness, high adhesive qualities, easiness of application and affordable cost. It can be divided into acid and neutral types. When the acidic sealant is employed in the room, a smell of white vinegar can come in there. This disappears afterward. Silicone does indeed not shrink or lose its color and suppleness.

Tip: It is suggested to utilize a hygienic silicone sealant for clear plastic windows inside house. That is resistant to the formation of mold and a myriad of fungi, so it will always retain it is whiteness.



It is also elastic; it is washed off in a liquid state with drinking water. It can be used mainly for outdoor works, for wrapping up of assembly seams, as it is resistant to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric precipitation. For internal works, it is not traditionally used. The porous structure of the frozen sealant eventually absorbs a myriad of evaporation from the side of the dwelling. This can make the sealed layer color with time. To prevent darkening, it is advised to dye regularly. Polymer-bonded sealant for plastic glass windows for the winter for external use is of low priced.

Sealant on PVC base (polymer)

It is based on MS-polymers. This is also called chemical plastic. It has excellent adhesion and toughness. Following covering the seams of the plastic windows, a single structure is shaped with this material. The only requirement for the employment of this type of sealant is the lack of anything that can result in the rupture of the hardened material. For white polymeric sealant for house windows, the price is high due to the high-tech properties.

Polyurethane material Sealant

This viscous materials depending on polyurethane polymers easily stepping into adhesion with almost all materials, including PVC. After solidification, it can be painted or protected with a layer of varnish.

Butyl sealant

These kinds of are made on the basis of polyisobutylene (rubber-like substance). Its elasticity is stable in temperatures starting from -55 to +100 degrees. It is tolerant to ultraviolet light and is completely harmless. This can be used not just for closing gaps but also for mending insulating glass because it has a high vapor permeability.